Work Packages

REEPLAI five work packages

Underpinning this ambitious project are five key work packages (WPs) carefully designed to ensure its success. The project will begin with a content design phase, during which installations and activities will be conceived and crafted, drawing inspiration from the literary treasures of children’s literature of Italy, Portugal and Ukraine. This phase will set the stage for the development of exciting game installations, prototypes, and literary quests. REEPLAI will also conduct engagement and capacity-building activities to forge partnerships and enable educators, teachers, and cultural mediators to become acquainted with the project’s vision and activities.

Promoting reading as a means to celebrate cultural diversity, REEPLAI will also target families, with a special focus on Ukrainian families temporarily residing in Obidos and Aosta Valley. This approach aims to foster inclusion, mutual understanding, and knowledge sharing within diverse communities.

Work Package 1: Project Management, Monitoring and Evalutation.

Work Package 2: Content Design

Work Package 3: Reading games installations and activities

Work Package 4: Capacity Building and community activation

Work Package 5: Communication and Dissemination