REEPLAI- REaders of Europe Play, Learn and Interact

Inspiring Reading Habits, Fostering Community Engagement, and Celebrating Cultural Diversity

The central mission of REEPLAI is to breathe new life into the art of reading, leveraging innovative cultural practices and the promotion of literature. In particular, REEPLAI will lead to the opening of two Reading Parks to be inaugurated in Lviv and Obidos, both cities that are part of the UNESCO Creative Cities of Literature network. These parks will be created in the next years based on the model represented by the Morgex Reading Park, the first and only one of its kind, and will be equipped with engaging game installations specially designed by Fondazione Sapegno for the Park.

REEPLAI aims to:

– Enrich the reading experience through the exchange of good practices and the creation of international networks;

– Offer the opportunity to explore the world of literature as a means of personal development and community enrichment;

– Promote reading as a means of celebrating cultural and linguistic diversity, stimulating curiosity and a thirst for knowledge;

– to promote inclusion, mutual understanding and the sharing of knowledge within different communities.

For this reason, several actions will involve families with children and adolescents in the municipalities of Lviv, Morgex and Óbidos, with particular attention to Ukrainian families living temporarily in Óbidos and in Valle d’Aosta.