The REEPLAI project, co-financed by the European Union under the Creative Europe program, officially kicked off with a 3-day meeting and exchange session. Partners and collaborators from Portugal, Italy, and Ukraine gathered for three days of work between Turin and Morgex.

Day 1

The working session started with an introductory meeting at the Santagata Foundation headquarters in Turin. After that, the partners visited the Cavallerizza Gardens where they engaged in a series of literary games, developed as part of the “Racconti Reali” project, promoted by the “Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo” in collaboration with the “Musei Reali” of Turin. The day wrapped up with a final meeting led by Fondazione Sapegno on the topic of intellectual property, aimed at sharing essential knowledge gained through the Reading Park experience. These initial moments went beyond mere project phases, laying the ground for a fruitful collaboration among the international partners.

Day 2

The second day of meetings unfolded in Morgex; more specifically, the Reading Park of Morgex became the focal point of the day’s activities. The teams responsible for the Park’s development outlined its educational and inclusive value; subsequently, the partners actively engaged in practical demonstrations of the activities carried out in the Park. The operators then convened at the Tour de l’Archet, the Fondazione Sapegno headquarters, to define specific aspects of the project and share reflections deriving from their experience in Morgex.

Day 3

The final day encapsulated the essence of the REEPLAI project. The international partners held an online webinar outlining the main features of the initiative with the aim of communicating and promoting the project to a wider audience. Later that day, the project managers met with the Honorary Councillor of Ukraine in Turin, Dario Arrigotti, who shared the current situation of Ukrainian refugees in the Piedmont region. During the final working session, the partners discussed project management aspects, strengthening the international collaboration at the core of the REEPLAI project.

The working sessions held over the 3 days contributed to shaping the project’s trajectory with new ideas and reflections, leveraging a convergence of diverse visions and perspectives. As REEPLAI takes its first steps, it does so on the solid foundation of collaboration, celebration of diversity, and commitment to inclusion, harnessing the transformative power of literature.

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